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Asia Sourcing specializes in providing sourcing solutions for customized component parts. For over 15 years we have assisted businesses of all sizes with our expertise and large network of quality vendors. As sourcing specialists, we not only handle the manufacturing process, but help develop and ship your products to your facility to create a worry-free experience.
Consult & Develop
We provide the analytical framework for your new or existing product. From designing manufacturable product drawings to creating prototypes, we use this means  to compare costs, and match your product with the appropriate factory within our network.
Produce & Inspect
Our knowledgeable manufacturing partners work with various materials to produce your product to the needed specifications. We provide pre-production samples and in-house quality inspections to ensure the proper production preciseness of your product.
Shipping & Logistics
Our team works aggressively with both domestic and international freight companies in order to get your freight within your designated timeline. Our keen knowledge in shipping regulations allows us to handle any air, truck, or container load shipments from overseas to your receiving location.


We offer various manufacturing methods and materials to suit a wide range of products for your convenience. As we assess your product requirements, we help facilitate with our vendors the right process needed to produce your goods.
CNC machining is a manufacturing process in which pre-programmed computer software dictates the movement of factory tools and machinery. The process can be used to control a range of complex machinery, from grinders and lathes to mills and routers. With CNC machining, three-dimensional cutting tasks can be accomplished in a single set of prompts.
Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. This process is far more accurate, faster, and more cost-effective than traditional methods of tube cutting
Fabrication refers to any process that cuts, shapes, or otherwise forms a material into an end product. The type of fabrication method used to produce an item depends on a wide range of factors, including the products purpose and appearance. This range allows for a considerable number of customization and selection options in component design.
Forging is a manufacturing process involving the shaping of metal using localized compressive forces. This process provides uniformity of composition and structure. The nature of forging excludes the occurrence of permeability, shrinkage, cavities and cold pour issues.
Stamping is the process of placing flat sheet metal in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into a net shape. Stamping includes a variety of sheet-metal forming manufacturing processes, such as punching using a machine press or stamping press.
Die casting is a metal casting process that is characterized by forcing molten metal under high pressure into a mold cavity. Die casting produces parts that are durable and dimensionally stable while providing complex shapes within closer tolerances
Injection Molding process involves the injection of molten plastic into a mold cavity, which hardens within the mold. The benefits of this process include the capability to produce large volumes of parts rapidly, high surface quality, and long-term durability. Our suppliers are equipped with 60T to 1,000T injection machines
Casting methods are typically used to create intricate solid and hollow shapes, and cast products are found in a wide range of applications. Various types of hot forming processes, such as investment casting and sand casting, each provide their own unique manufacturing benefits
Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by using high heat to melt the parts together and allowing them to cool causing fusion. Welding contributes to exceptional structural integrity and efficiency of joints.
Laser cutting is a technology that uses a laser to cut materials and is typically used for industrial manufacturing applications. This process is far more accurate, faster, and more cost-effective than traditional methods of tube cutting
Aluminum Extrusions is a process by which aluminum alloy material is forced through a die with a specific cross-sectional profile. Aluminum Extrusions are resilient, lightweight, and excellent thermal conductors. Our alloy capabilities range from 1000 series to 6000 series.


Step 1: Product Details

Identify your product needs. Gather product samples, drawings, and specifications and identify any potential gaps to ensure the best results.

Step 2: Contact Supplier

Contact suitable supplier based on manufacturing needs and negotiate the best pricing.

Step 3: Quote

We provide you with a detailed quote within 5-10 business days based upon your product specifications.

Step 4: Purchase Order

You provide us a purchase order and we begin managing the manufacturing set up details with the selected supplier

Step 5: Product Sampling

First article samples are produced prior to production for your approval.

Step 6: Production & QC

Your approved product sample is placed into production and inspected to ensure specifications and quality are met. Production lot is packaged and labeled according to requirements.

Step 7: Shipping

We handle all paperwork, customs clearing, and communications with selected freight forwarders to transport your goods to specified destination.

Step 8: Delivery

Whether a full container or small pallet of goods, we arrange the shipping of your product to your final specified destination.
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